A book for anyone thinking about joining CrossFit® or another exercise program

Uncover the movements that can put you at risk of severe injuries that can hospitalize you.

Prevent injuries

Find the right exercise for you

CrossFit® is a business

Dr. Wells provides simple and effective tips on choosing an exercise provider.


Understand the business of CrossFit® and how it can result in your next injury.

Praise for Double-Crossed:

"I want my patients to be fit and in great shape now but also to avoid serious injury that can derail lifelong activities. Double Crossed is a must read for anyone who wants to get in shape and stay there."

-Caroline J. Cedeqruist, MD, Author, The MD Factor Diet

Reviews from Amazon.com

“Knowledge is power and it is my hope that others can use this book as a guide to making informed and effective choices, to prevent injuries and maximize workouts."

"Excellent critique of Cross fit's lack of accreditation by any sports training organization or physical therapy association. A book that should be reviewed by anyone considering beginning Cross fit or any other more advanced exercise program. The randomization of exercises and the use of advanced olympic lifts/movements without proper training is discussed in detail. A must read for anyone considering beginning this type of exercise regimen!"

"Love it. Amazing. Read the entire book in less than a day."

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Double-Crossed takes a deep exploration into an extreme exercise program's methodology and offers research-based solutions and industry-specific tips so you can become informed and take control of your health.

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